Saturday, December 15, 2007


Rodney Yee has this wonderful quote in his book Yoga: Poetry of the Body. I can’t remember the precise quote so this is paraphrased, “There is no such thing as perfect alignment. But there is always a more intimate conversation you can have.” I love that quote! I share it all the time with my classes, especially in Tadasana. That pose has changed more for me over the years from that quote than any other. I encourage my students to converse more and more intimately with their body in the pose. How can it change? How can you feel your alignment on an even deeper level? Of course, there is always more to do to balance the feet better and to make sure the pelvis and heart are over the feet. What about your heart? Can you feel your heart over your feet? Can you feel your eyes over your feet? Encourage the more intimate level of conversation and see what they find!